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about Pleskow Architects :

Established in 1993, Pleskow Architects is a progressive architecture and design firm led by Tony Pleskow, AIA. The company’s primary concern is the enhancement of one's experience through the improvement of the urban and natural landscape and the creation of protective, immersive, sheltering environments through design.

As Principal, Tony develops close working relationships with the firm’s clients and is directly involved in each commission. Every project is viewed as a collaboration, with the client’s operational, economic and aesthetic objectives at the forefront. The integration of these concerns together with an exploration of space, structure, material and light, ultimately reveals a building’s essential nature and the clients vision.

The firm employs a rigorous, model-driven design process that enables clients to experience and visualize their  project. In addition to its strong design and production reputation, the firm is known for its attention to detail in the construction administration phase of a project. These methods result in designs that are innovative and fulfill budget and schedule expectations. Clients often return with new commissions. 

Based in Los Angeles, but licensed to design architecture in several states, the firm’s work is diverse and widespread, ranging from residential and commercial to public sector commissions. Places of worship, housing, restaurants, office space, cinemas, animal shelters, retail, hospitality and municipal infrastructure are a few of the building types included in the firm’s portfolio. 

The firm’s architecture has earned design awards from the AIA, ID magazine, and the Westside Urban Forum and been published in numerous books and periodicals including Form Magazine, Progressive Architecture, Metropolis, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Harvard Architecture Review and Robert Stern’s New York 2000. 



Tony Pleskow – Principal/Founder 

Tony Pleskow is a recipient of New York’s Architectural League Prize, earned his master’s degree from Harvard's Graduate School of Design, studied independently at New York’s Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies and was awarded the John Lawrence Memorial Award, as the top undergraduate designer at Tulane's School of Architecture. As a post-graduate, he was invited to join the Brooklyn Woodworkers Cooperative. This formative hands-on experience underscores his firm’s understanding of craft, materiality and detail. Tony has taught architecture at Tulane University, Woodbury University and the Art Center College of Design. He is licensed to practice in California, Texas, New York and Georgia and is a member of the American Institute of Architects. He is the former Chair of the AIA/LA Urban Design Committee which explores policy and design strategies aimed at improving our urban experience,  served on the board of the Westside Urban Forum, a group focused on development issues effecting Los Angeles and was a Planning Commissioner in the City of Culver City.


13 - Pinwheel  _S7R9980-Pano-Edit-2.jpg

May 2024

Pinwheel Pasta is OPEN!

The first location for Pinwheel Pasta is open and serving fresh home made pasta to the Rancho Cucamonga community. The quality is next level and the folks are loving it.

NE Corner.jpg

May 2024

Construction continues..... The Venice Church of Christ, Harvard Heights, Los Angeles

Construction is underway and the steel frame is being erected now. The Chapel form will soon take shape. More images to come.

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