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Theatre 29,  Twentynine Palms, CA

Client: Theatre 29
Size: 300 seat auditorium with public spaces and support facilities
Project Type: Entertainment
Status: Concept

Situated along highway 29, near the center of 29 Palms and the entry to Joshua Tree National Monument, the new home for the Theatre 29 production company serves as an anchor to an ambitious effort to rebuild this desert township. Theatre 29, a local company that has been producing plays for almost twenty years with local talent, has outgrown its current facility. The architecture of the proposed theatre responds not only to the program for an audience of 250 people but to the specificity of the desert site. The tent like roof provides shelter from the intense heat and sun while its slim section and “hovering” nature integrates with the expansive horizontally of the desert. The openness of the design allows passerby to engage visually with the activity within the building including the auditorium itself.


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