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J. Lindeberg Flagship, West Hollywood, CA

Client: J. Lindeberg
Size: 1,900 sq/ft
Project Type: Retail
Status: Complete

The design concept for J. Lindeberg’s 1,900 sq./ft. West Coast flagship in West Hollywood reflects their intent of developing high quality environments in which their expanding client base can interact with their boutique brand of forward thinking, finely tailored garments. Taking cues from their Scandinavian roots, the spaces are simple, elegantly defined and differentiated from the existing building shell through the use of light wood paneling, discrete lighting and a “floating” wood stair. The layout and custom fixtures are arranged to seamlessly connect , in a visually open space, J. Lindeberg’s men’s, women’s and special collections. Located prominently on Sunset Strip, the design seeks to engage the heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic and become part of the unique Los Angeles urban experience.


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