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Sepulveda Basin Community Garden Restroom Facility, Los Angeles, CA

Client: City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks
Size: 325 sq/ft
Project Type: Public
Status: Completed

The 325 sq/ft Sepulveda Basin Community Garden restroom represented an opportunity to reconsider the architecture of a very basic yet important civic building type. Set in the middle of a community garden, comprised of a hundred 10’x10’ plots, the bathroom provides one male and one female ADA compliant stall replacing portable restroom facilities. The “stalls” are defined by corten steel louvers enabling air to pass through and light to filter into the interior space. The entries to each stall are defined by poured in place concrete vestibules with a cast in place cantilevered sink providing gardeners the ability to wash produce and other plantings harvested from their plots. The cantilevered roof element provides protection from the elements to the stalls below and extends beyond to provide afternoon shade over the communal sink. The form and materiality of the bathroom reflects the desire to build a structure that is self ventilating, durable, secure and easily integrates into the mosaic created by the patchwork of individualized gardens.

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