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Marshall Island Eco Surf Resort
Beran Island, Marshall Islands
Client: BV Resorts, LLC
Size: (13) 800 sq/ft cabins with shared deck spaces,  common communal dining and service structures
Project Type: Hospitality

The proposal for the Marshall Islands Micro- Resort guest villa, comprised of two structures and a shared deck, reflects a simple, modern, sustainable, cost effective approach to island living. To the extent possible, the villa is conceived of as a passive, self sustaining “machine” carefully placed in this sensitive landscape.

Lifted off the ground on piles, the geometrically simple “open” structure is self-shading, self-ventilating, generates energy, and harvests rain water minimizing its carbon footprint.

The simple post and beam modular structure which includes 470sq/ft of “interior” space is designed for simple tooling, ease of transportation and rapid assembly. Although prefabricated, the final form is intended to transcend the typical appearance of prefab structures with an architectural solution specifically rooted to this location.

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