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Culver Metro Lofts, Culver City, CA

Client: City of Culver City

Size: 23,345 sq ft

Project Type: Residential/Housing

Status: Concept


The concept, which supports 36 residential  micro units over ground level retail, gallery space and a common roof deck, represents an innovative model for the redevelopment of a small 6,600 sq/ft land parcel between two major arteries in downtown Culver City. Adjacent to the historic Kirk Douglas Theatre, the project would be synergistic with its neighbor by targeting local artists as would be residents. The infill architecture is complimentary to existing structures on the block but only reaches this modest density through the layering of multiple density bonuses and transferring unused FAR from the theatre next door. The building and unit design emphasizes materiality, transparency and the creation of spaces that maximize day lighting, passive cross ventilation and spaces that promote gathering and community interaction in the heart of an increasingly vibrant downtown.

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